Rudyard Lake Steam Railway

Rudyard Lake Steam Railway is a 20 minute drive away from the Barn, just the other side of Leek.

Running alongside the lake for about a mile and half, this 10 ¼ inch narrow guage miniature steam railway runs almost year round and is well worth a trip if you’ve got small children.

What’s There?

Rudyard Lake was originally developed in the early 1900s as a recreational facility for workers of the North West and Midlands, by the North Staffordshire Railway.

The lake is great for picnics, sailing, boating, cycling, fishing and walking – and then of course there’s the little railway.

Is It Any Good?

Rudyard Lake can get quite busy during summer weekends but in general, it’s a lovely place to relax and on a sunny winter day, makes for a great excursion with young children.

The miniature railway is very cute, with about 6 covered carriages and a tiny steam engine to pull them.

The train creeps along at a fast walking speed that’s very safe for children and making the 3 mile round trip last a decent time.

For 2009, train ride prices are £3.50 for adults and £2.00 for children.

Parking at the lake is free.

Is It Worth A Visit?

I was sceptical at first but when I saw the children’s excitement (bear in mind these are fully “teched up” kids!) it really did make for a lovely winter Sunday afternoon trip.


Rudyard Lake Steam Railway