Warslow Brook Loop

This is a walk we do quite regularly with Molly (our mutant border terrier) which although is less than 2 miles long, usually takes 40 minutes or so, because of the steep descents and ascents.

Turning right onto School Lane from the Barn, proceed just past Overmead (the house next door) and then take the stile on your right into the paddock.

Follow the fairly obvious track through the fields and try to keep veering diagonally left to each stile.

Please note that these fields do sometimes have cows and calves in them – they are usually docile but do take care.

You will eventually come to a tree lined edge with a path running down to the Manifold Way – this can be a bit slippery when it’s muddy or icy!

Once you reach the Manifold track, turn right and then proceed until you cross Warslow Brook and the tunnel is facing you.

Now turn left in front of the tunnel and then take the road, sharp right over the tunnel.

Keep walking up the road (it’s quite steep) until you get to a stile on your right.

Here you have the choice to walk down the dried stream bed (the very rocky official bridleway) or down the adjacent field (not strictly a footpath).

Proceed to the bottom of field where you will cross Warslow Brook again over a small wooden footbridge.

Climb up the field ahead to gate and then follow the bridleway past Town End Barn and up School Lane, back to the Barn.

Distance: Approximately 2 miles

Time: 40 minutes


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